Wooden Flooring Essex


Wooden Flooring Essex


Changing the flooring can completely transform a space and give it a different look, which is why choosing a type of flooring is considered one of the most important decisions to make when decorating your space.      

Choosing wooden flooring is a simple solution. It combines elegance with practicality, so it is the perfect fit for any home or property.

Benefits of Wooden Floors

Good quality natural wood floors can last for decades. Unlike carpets, that usually needs to be replaced every 5 years due to holes, stains and the effects of everyday wear and tear, natural wood flooring has minimal maintenance and can last you a lot longer and can actually look better as the years go on.      

These floors are also easy to clean. The finish of the wood allows you to clean pet hair and dirt easily with a brush and spills can be mopped away without having to use carpet shampoo and waiting for it to dry. It also eliminates the possibility of dust and parasites to harbour in your floor, something that is commonly reported from carpet owners.

Choosing  solid wood over carpet provides you with easier maintenance and is more hygienic. As well as being more hygienic than carpeted floors, it also prevents dirt and bacteria from collecting and producing unpleasant odours.



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The Cost and Installation of Real Wood Flooring

wooden flooring     

Possibly one of the biggest benefits of wood flooring is the cost of installation and replacement. The quality, low maintenance, lifetime and effect that wooden floors give to a room are worth the investment. When you pay for the installation of wood flooring, you will be sure to be more than satisfied with the end result. As well as this, the value of your home will significantly increase after the installation of wood flooring.

The installation process of wooden floors is straightforward and can be done by one of our qualified professional installers. We provide quality materials as well as fitting, installation and repairs, so you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your wooden floor.

Because we know how important of an investment wooden flooring can be, our professional flooring fitters can do the job for you for an affordable price. We also guarantee satisfaction and offer maintenance and repair services to keep your wood floors looking good as new for longer. Simply contact one of our team or view the rest of our website to get more information on our services.


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